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Larissa M. Bieler

"Dans un monde qui a marché sur la tête en 2016, SWI s'est employée à rendre compte de manière professionnelle et équilibrée des grands chocs planétaires vus depuis la Suisse."

Peter Schibli

100 Ans de l'ose - #WeAreSwissAbroad

Des festivités réussies pour la Cinquième Suisse et le public bernois

SWI Highlights 2016

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Télévision suisse SRF

et le paysage
médiatique international

Point de vue et observations d‘un Suisse de 55 ans ayant vécu la moitié de sa vie en Californie du Sud.

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Politics, j'adore!
The relationship between young people and politics? It's complicated. But for some the passion still burns. In our new series 'Politics, j'adore!' we'll introduce you ...
Putting the brakes on gaudy houses
Specialists recommend that houses should not be painted pink or green, but the colour of the local rocks. Brightly coloured houses are often a bone of ...
Swiss Guard runs for the Vatican
A Swiss Guard is to swap his halberd for running shoes as he represents the Vatican at the upcoming Games of the Small States of Europe external link(GSSE).
More car drivers than train and bus users
People living in western and southern Switzerland are using public transport much less frequently than their counterparts in the north. The proportion of people ...
Wild bees in danger
Wild bees, of which there are some 600 species in Switzerland, are vital for plant pollination but are endangered by the transformation of the ... Wild bees, of ...
Swiss circus dynasties celebrate centuries of tradition
Switzerland's national circus is celebrating its 100th birthday. But it's not the only circus dynasty in the Alpine country. The Circus Stey was founded by an ...
Hunting for the cheapest mechanical watch in Baselworld
The world's biggest watch fair is where luxury watches from the famous Swiss brands are launched. went looking for low-budget alternatives.
Apprenticeships provide opportunities for young Serbs
Forty percent of young people in Serbia are unemployed. Now the country has introduced apprenticeships, with Swiss assistance. The programme gives young ...
Skiing for climate
Young Swiss skier Daniel Yule decided to put his money where his mouth is. Because he wants future generations to love skiing as much as he does, ...
Watching glaciers melt in virtual reality
Swiss researchers have used virtual reality to model and help the wider public visualise how the largest Swiss glaciers will shrink by 2070 under the effects of ...

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