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à notre rédactrice en chef
Larissa M. Bieler

"Le jubilé des 100 ans de l'OSE a offert à une occasion exceptionnelle de se mettre en scène avec succès dans la sphère multimédia."

Thomas Waldmeier
Responsable Communication + Marketing par intérim

100 Ans de l'ose - #WeAreSwissAbroad

Des festivités réussies pour la Cinquième Suisse et le public bernois

SWI Highlights 2016

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Télévision suisse SRF

et le paysage
médiatique international

Point de vue et observations d‘un Suisse de 55 ans ayant vécu la moitié de sa vie en Californie du Sud.

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Sinking or swimming in a tough climate
Sinking or swimming in a tough climate --- is the international branch of the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (SBC). Its role is to report on ...
Switzerland’s giant crystal
The biggest mural in Switzerland has just been finished after 4 months of hard work. Bane&Pest decorated an old mill tower using 350 litres of paint. Nouvo ...
A special kind of home for people with dementia
Around 150000 people have dementia in Switzerland, with the figure set to double in the next 20 years. So the question of how best to care for sufferers of the ...
The Swiss return of Nazi ‘Angel of Death’ Josef Mengele
After the Second World War, Josef Mengele – a war criminal and the man behind experiments on human beings at the Auschwitz concentration camp - fled to ...
Ageing cheese with music
A cheesemaker in Emmental has been ageing his cheese with music, a different genre for each wheel. The idea behind this crazy experiment is to find out if ...
Mazzacula, the alpine golf
A stick with a barrel to hit a ball with: sounds like tennis, golf or baseball but mazzacula has its own rules. The game was first mentioned in 1668 and has been ...
Binge drinking on the rise among young women
A new study shows that in Switzerland, binge drinking is commonplace among teenagers and young adults aged 34 and under. In Switzerland, binge drinking is ...
A spoonful of chemistry
The Swiss Academy of Sciences has been awarding sites that played a significant role in Swiss chemical history. This year the plaque was put up on the ...
It's survival of the biggest for Swiss mountain resorts
To beat the competition, popular mountain destinations are investing in glitzy new infrastructure to pull in the punters. To beat the competition, popular mountain ...
In Switzerland trains must be on time, and clean
The Swiss Federal Railways has opened a state-of-the-art washing tunnel in Brig, canton Valais, just for trains. The facility, the most modern in ... The Swiss ...

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