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Larissa M. Bieler

"Takemitsu Morikawa La plate-forme publie trop peu d'articles sur le secteur de l'économie et des finances. Les quelques contributions sur le sujet sont trop courtes et elles sont généralement publiées dans les trois langues nationales uniquement."

Takemitsu Morikawa
Conseil du public SWI

100 Ans de l'ose - #WeAreSwissAbroad

Des festivités réussies pour la Cinquième Suisse et le public bernois

SWI Highlights 2016

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Télévision suisse SRF

et le paysage
médiatique international

Point de vue et observations d‘un Suisse de 55 ans ayant vécu la moitié de sa vie en Californie du Sud.

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Praying at the altar of football
Football is already like a religion to many. Is a football church the next step…? Nouvo brings you short videos about Switzerland, Swiss current affairs and the ...
Overseeing the UN’s ‘most complex’ relief operation
Every day, the United Nations food agency (WFP) needs $2 million (CHF1.98 million) to help feed vulnerable people in Syria. The Swiss humanitarian worker ...
French-speaking Switzerland's first green town
The town of Ecublens in canton Vaud has made great efforts to promote biodiversity. The municipality leaves a lot of space for animals and plants by limiting the ...
A comic approach to Swiss-African life
A new web series from Swiss Public Television, RTS is using humour to show the daily life of Africans in Switzerland. The approach taken by the programme ...
If you don’t vote, you’ll be fined
Would a CHF6 fine make you go out and vote? It's working in one Swiss canton. Nouvo brings you short videos about Switzerland, Swiss current affairs and the ...
Who are we?
A group of young adults from Sri Lanka, adopted by Swiss parents as babies, try to find out who they really are. (SRF/ --- is the ...
Transhumanism - upgrading the body
Mike Schaffner wants to become one with technology. Under his skin he wears a number of chips with which he can open doors or exchange contact details.
Genderqueer – neither male nor female
Sascha Rijekboer identifies as non-binary, not as a man or a woman. Sascha does not wish to be addressed as 'he' or 'she'. In everyday life and in dealings with ...
A revolutionary discovery at EPFL
The River Rhone has suffered from mercury pollution dating from the 1970s. Now researchers at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) have ...
Medicine adapts to amateur sport
The number of Swiss people doing sport is rising steadily, and these growing numbers are boosting demand for sport-related healthcare. Several sports ...

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