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à notre rédactrice en chef
Larissa M. Bieler

"Le jubilé des 100 ans de l'OSE a offert à une occasion exceptionnelle de se mettre en scène avec succès dans la sphère multimédia."

Thomas Waldmeier
Responsable Communication + Marketing par intérim

100 Ans de l'ose - #WeAreSwissAbroad

Des festivités réussies pour la Cinquième Suisse et le public bernois

SWI Highlights 2016

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Télévision suisse SRF

et le paysage
médiatique international

Point de vue et observations d‘un Suisse de 55 ans ayant vécu la moitié de sa vie en Californie du Sud.

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The rigmarole of naturalisation
It's nearly four decades since Rolf Lyssy's film 'The Swissmakers' poked fun at the Swiss for making it so hard to get a passport. But have things really changed ...
Making a classic cheese
Vacherin Mont-d'Or is a Swiss speciality. But producing the cheese is not without its challenges. (SRF/ Vacherin Mont-d'Or is a seasonal cheese ...
How Botox affects our brain
University of Zurich researchers examining the impact of Botox injections have found that it can have a side-effect elsewhere in the brain. (SRF/ ...
A new way to protect sheep from wolves
The Swiss authorities are experimenting with a new way of protecting sheep flocks from wolves: llamas could be used in some cases to replace protection dogs, ...
Le Corbusier: why he is adored and detested
Le Corbusier was an internationally influential Swiss artist, architect and designer. His dubious associations with totalitarian regimes have failed to diminish his ...
Swiss building moved in spectacular engineering feat
In the largest undertaking its kind in Europe, a 6200-tonne building is being shifted in one piece 60 metres westward. The old management building of the former ...
Jetman flies over the Swiss Alps
Wearing a custom-built jet suit and a jet-propelled wing, Swiss pilot Yves Rossy flies alongside two Albatross jets.
Switzerland's direct democracy
Together with neutrality and federalism, direct democracy is a part of the Swiss national identity and helps unite the various languages, religions and cultures in ...
The Swiss Susan Boyle
Maya Wirz has won the television talent competition,Switzerland's Got Talent 2011. Her hometown near Basel might soon be looking for a new bus driver: if the ...
A day in the life of a Franciscan friar
50 years ago the first group of Franciscan friars came to live on the Werd island in Stein am Rhein in northeastern Switzerland. As in the past, the friars go out on ...

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